Jeudi 22 mai 2008 à 22:47

Please Don't Forget Me
Im Still here
Burn in your memory
You'll always see me

Once upon a bluer sky
I could reach so far so high
Now that all seems like a dream
I will never see

Broken Wings
Couldn't Fly
Destiny, seems so far
There's no more dreaming

What's over the other side
Nothing, just a lie
My troubles burn
They never stop
I want these clouds behind me
I'll wish upon another dream
Of way up high
With bluer skies

But no-one knows beyond that door
I've no idea
No none at all
But i'l take that chance despite you all
I'll never know
I'll never know
What I left behind me
What I left behind me

Nothing left up in the sky
Only what's left in your mind
Look at what I've come to be
Just a memory

Par Lilly, Pollluxxxx le Samedi 24 mai 2008 à 12:17
horrible film tellement fort
Par fall-in-love-with-photos le Dimanche 8 juin 2008 à 20:42
franchement j'aime trop cette photo (L)

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